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HGH Human growth hormone Benefits

Many researchers have concluded that one of the primary causes of aging is the decrease of hgh human growth hormone production. According to Dr. Grace Cevallos, M.D., President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, "Aging appears to be due in large part to the drastic decline of growth hormone in the body after adulthood."

According to hgh human growth hormone research, at age 21, the normal level of circulating hgh is about 10 milligrams per deciliter of blood, but at age 61, it's decreased 80% to only 2 milligrams. They say it's growth hormone that grows the cells, bones, muscles, and organs, and it is the level of growth hormone after age 30 that slowly robs us of our youth

After age 30, the secretion rate of hgh drops14% per decade. By 80, most people barely produce enough hgh to build a fingernail, explaining why injuries experienced by seniors take so long to heal.


Enhanced Memory:

HGH increases the memory by rejuvenating the brain cells. Proteins are mainly responsible for the storage of information in our brain; this is why HGH is perfect to increase memory because one of the main uses is to create more protein in our bodies. Clinical studies have shown that patients suffering from short term or long-term memory loss had greatly lower levels of HGH in their bodies.

Improved Temperament:

HGH acts in similar way to anti-depressants which raises the B-endorphin levels in the brain that helps to calm stress, fear, agitation or anger. Taking Injectable HGH therapy not only will help you increase your health but also your mind.

Increased Sexual Desire:

Many people that use Injectable HGH claim that their sexual appetite increased. Men and woman report having multiple orgasms while using HGH, also in woman it has been found that HGH helps deal with the symptoms of menopause.

Better Dreams:

Injectable HGH helps to regulate sleep. People with a healthy and normal production of HGH sleep well at night, waking up feeling super refreshed and ready for another day. If you don’t feel that you are sleeping properly lately, take a look at our products here at because HGH works!

Enhanced Brain Activity:

As you know, our brain is composed of billions of neurons; these neurons are permanent but once they die they never come back. In this case, HGH helps a lot to rejuvenate brain neurons as well as heal and repair them before they die. Human Growth Hormone also plays a vital role when it comes to having the ability to learn, memorize, and comprehend new things.


Muscle Growth:

Many athletes use Human Growth Hormone because of its ability to gain muscle. HGH works because it promotes the reproduction of protein tissues in our muscles, this helps them grow and be repaired faster.

Fat Loss:

Many overweight patients have felt the power of HGH. Positive results from Injectable Human growth hormone are well known, because of its ability to burn off fat. It works by stimulating triglyceride hydrolysis in adipose tissue, meaning it burns up fat cells and uses them as energy before the body begins storing them up. This way of burning fat cells is also what gives users increased energy.


Hair loss is a condition that many men and women deal with at a certain age. Some of the remedies don’t work, but recently it has been proven that Injectable Human growth hormone helps in this matter by keeping your hair in its natural state.

Blood Pressure Levels:

For a lot of people as they get older, maintaining an optimum blood pressure level becomes more and more important. Using Human Growth Hormone represents a healthy lifestyle; Human growth hormone has been shown to lower blood pressure levels back to their normal levels, increasing the patient´s health, and likely the extent of their life.

Cholesterol Levels:

Another important aspect of being healthy is managing cholesterol. There are studies which show us that HGH can actually improve a person’s cholesterol profile by lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels.

Health of your Bones

Osteoporosis affects a lot of people all over the world, but until now, one of the best solutions in the market is Injectable HGH. It has shown amazing results in regards of treatments of this disease, including other bone diseases. HGH actually reverses the damage of Osteoporosis and repairs bone tissue.

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Tips for Optimizing the use of HGH

1) Use Quality Growth Hormone Products
Tips for Optimizing the use of HGH

Do yourself a favor and buy only high quality HGH products. Get your doctor to give you a through medical examination and discuss what your goals are through HGH therapy. It is very risky and potentially dangerous to purchase for example Chinese GH copies of Injectable Growth Hormone. We advise that you do your homework and work with the leading experts in online Quality HGH sales at HGH Bodybuilding.

HGH Human Growth Hormone is a unique formulated, biosynthetic human growth hormone formula made from 191 structured Amino Acids that's guaranteed to be safe and effective. HGH helps rejuvenate your body and mind by keeping you strong and healthy and at the same time reversing the aging process

Human Growth Hormone HGH increases energy levels, muscle mass, mental awareness, and sex drive while shedding body fat making you feel and look younger while enhancing your Quality of Life.

2) Associated Foods Needed
Injectable HGH for Sale in USA

Understanding carbs, insulin and their relation to energy and body fat

The ratio of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrate and fat) in the meals you eat is the key to being lean, muscular and maintaining optimal health. Managing your food intake is a powerful way to control the way you look and how you feel. Perhaps the greatest current controversy comes from the fight over how much carbohydrate you should eat to maintain a lean, healthy and sexy body.

Carbohydrates are different types of sugars linked together in chains of different lengths. We need carbohydrates to fuel our bodies for energy and to feed our brain, which uses glucose (a simple form of sugar) as its primary energy source.

Fact: The brain is a glucose hog, using more than two thirds of the circulating carbohydrates in your bloodstream while at rest.

This primary body fuel is mainly provided as you digest the carbs you eat, breaking them down into usable glucose molecules. Then your body rebuilds the simple glucose molecules into longer chains called glycogen for more efficient storage. The body has two places to store glycogen: the liver and the muscles. The liver acts as the reserve supply for the muscles. When the muscle glycogen gets low, the liver sends glycogen back into the bloodstream so it can be shuttled back to the muscles.

The liver's capacity to store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen is very limited and can be easily depleted within ten to twelve hours. So the blood glucose (blood sugar) and the liver's glycogen reserves must be maintained on a continual basis. This is why it is necessary to eat carbohydrates regularly.

What happens when you eat too much carbohydrate?

The average person can store approximately 300-400 grams of carbohydrate in your muscles and about another 75-100 grams in the liver. For comparison, 100 grams of carbs is equivalent to about 2 cups of cooked pasta. When both the liver and muscles are glycogen full, excess carbohydrates are stored in adipose tissue or body fat.

In greater detail;

  • The carbs you eat are digested or broken down by enzymes into simple glucose molecules.
  • Your body will attempt to shuttle glucose into the muscles and liver for energy use. Moreover, excess glucose entering the blood after a meal is rapidly taken up by the liver and stored as the large polymer, glycogen (via a process called glycogenesis).
  • Whatever excess glucose is not needed by the body for energy at that time is taken from the blood by the hormone insulin and converted by the liver into a highly compact energy storage molecule called a triglyceride (fat) via a process called lipogenesis. Fat has over double the storage efficiency of carbs as it holds 9 calories of energy per gram versus only 4 calories per gram in carbohydrate form.

Why the type of carbohydrate you eat matters?

Even though carbohydrates are fat-free, excess carbs you eat can become body fat. The type of carbohydrate is also a key factor in avoiding body fat gain. In other words, the speed at which you digest carbohydrates into glucose can dramatically affect whether the food you eat becomes body fat. As a general rule, a more refined and less fibrous carbohydrate will be broken down more easily and quickly, causing a rapid rise in blood glucose. For example, simple carbs such as cookies and candy digest quickly whereas complex carbs such as oatmeal digest much more slowly giving the body time to manage the influx of glucose more effectively

Examples of "good" or complex carbs include

  • brown rice
  • barley
  • buckwheat
  • beans
  • whole-grain pasta
  • leafy green vegetables

Examples of "bad" or simple carbs include:

  • white rice
  • white bread
  • white flour
  • many types of candy
  • soft drinks

For comparison examples:

  • Choose brown rice over white rice as it contains more fiber.
  • Choose 9-grain bread over white bread as it digests 100% slower.
  • Choose yams or sweet potatoes over white potatoes as it digests 100% slower.
  • Choose an apple as a snack over a banana as it digests nearly 65% slower.

TIP: Adding vegetables to any meal adds fiber, which slows digestion and helps minimize the increase in insulin. When your glucose level rises too rapidly after eating, your body reacts quickly to remove the excess blood sugar. As stated above, to adjust for this rapid rise, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin then lowers the levels of blood glucose via the mechanism explained above. So, eating junk foods regularly can result in continuous, high levels of insulin. Continuously high levels of insulin can cause an aggressive accumulation of body fat. Furthermore, the constant barrage of insulin on your cells can make them insulin resistant making it difficult to maintain optimal cellular nutrient levels. This condition can also lead to the disease diabetes.

Furthermore, a high insulin level suppresses two important hormones: glucagon and growth hormone. Glucagon promotes the burning of fat and sugar. Growth hormone is vital for muscular development.

The heavy insulin reaction to a rapid rise in blood glucose can also cause hunger and cravings. What you feel is the burst of energy as your blood sugar rises following a carbohydrate meal and the resulting energy crash as insulin causes a subsequent rapid depletion of blood sugar. As your energy crashes your brain begins to crave sugary foods as the fastest way to correct your now low blood sugar, and so begins the vicious fat promoting cycle. This seesaw effect on your blood sugar can be very dangerous. So while insulin is critical to metabolism, managing it properly helps maintain optimal health.

The goal is therefore to eat more complex or slowly digesting carbs (those with a lower Gylcemic Index and higher fiber content) and limit sugary foods to help stabilize or modulate your blood sugar and the hormone insulin. As a result of doing so, you are far less likely to store body fat and help to instead utilize more body fat for energy use

As a tip, eating good or unsaturated fats with carbs also helps slow digestion.

Examples of "good" or unsaturated fats include:

  • Olive Oilz
  • Fishz
  • Nuts and seedsz

Examples of "bad" or saturated fats include:

  • Butter
  • Lard
  • Fried foods
  • Animal fat


  • Add olive oil and vinegar to your salad instead of a more saturated fat dressing such as ranch or blue cheese
  • Dip vegetables in yogurt versus cheese
  • Add a little natural peanut butter to rice cakes for a snack
  • Add beans to any carb meal to slow digestion

In other words, by making the right carbohydrate and food choices, you can have more energy all day and get leaner quicker! Note: Click here for more info on the Glycemic Index

3) Associated Supplements Needed
Tips for Optimizing the use of human growth hormone

If you are going to take the time, money and health to commit to a Growth Hormone Therapy, then we feel you need to give your body the necessary supplementation to make this work correctly. Below are some examples for your GH assistance

During Growth Hormone Use - Natural Assistance Supplementation

1) VM Mega Potency Multi Vitamin and Antioxidant

Mega potency, multi-vitamin and antioxidant! This incredibly comprehensive, iron-free formula provides you with an extensive list of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and an exclusive "Cellular Defense Matrix."

2) Omega 3s

3) Lo Carb Colostrum Enhanced Whey Protein Complex

Growth Hormone Stimulant Complex – I-GH promotes a deeper, more restful sleep which helps generate superior levels of lean muscle growth, faster recovery, reduced soreness and lower body fat.

II - Pro-Hormone Support Complex (Males Only) A pro-hormone support complex that works synergistically with the “andros” to help maximize their conversion into testosterone and minimize unwanted aromatization. Testosterone is a potent anabolic steroid in the body, responsible for the development of lean muscle mass. Higher levels of testosterone are believed to help athlete’s train more intensely, recover faster and build more muscle.

VM Mega Potency, Multi Vitamin and Antioxidant (120 capsules = 1 month)

Omega 3s (60 capsules = 1 month)

Lo Carb Colostrum Enhanced Whey Protein Complex.

4) Fitness/Training
Tips for Optimizing the use of HGH USA

3-5 days per week @ 1-2 hours of some physical activity i.e. weightlifting, biking, running, swimming, yoga, team sports, etc.

5) Sleep
Tips for Optimizing the use of HGH Los angeles

It is crucial to focus on getting your sleep habits on track. You would be better to get at least 6+ hours of uninterrupted sleep. GH therapy will also help in sleep issues and will assist in the growth, fat burning and recovery of your body.

Healthy Sleep

What constitutes healthy sleep? The amount of sleep you get is extremely important. But the type of sleep you get also determines how well-rested you’ll be when you awake.

Why you need good sleep

You need good sleep so that you can function well — both mentally and physically — during your waking hours. Good sleep can enable you to work productively, make sound judgments, avoid harm, and interact with other people effectively.

Your personal sleep needs

Different people require different amounts of sleep. The vast majority of us need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. Some people need more than nine hours, and that’s perfectly normal for them. Some others can sleep less and wake up completely refreshed.

How to know if you’re getting enough sleep

You should sleep uninterrupted. When you wake up, you should feel well-rested and ready to go. Most importantly, you should generally have no sleepiness during the day, even when involved in boring or mundane activities. If you’re feeling drowsy during the day, you may not have gotten enough quality sleep.

The types of sleep you need

In healthy sleep, we experience different kinds of sleep and — just as important — we experience them in a particular sequence of stages.

There are two primary sleep stages. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) (see glossary) accounts for longer periods of sleep during which our brain activity and bodily functions slow down. Rapid-eye movement (REM) (see glossary) happens in brief spurts of increased activity in the brain and body. REM is considered the dreaming stage of sleep.

Healthy sleep is characterized by a specific “sleep architecture,” or sequence of stages. The sleep cycle (see glossary) usually begins with a period of about 80 minutes of NREM sleep followed by about 10 minutes of REM sleep. This 90-minute cycle is repeated four to six times each night. If the sequence is interrupted (for example, by external noise or a sleep disorder), the quality of our sleep suffers.

  • Good Sleep Habits
  • Cut down on caffeine, smoking and alcohol
  • Avoid daytime naps
  • Try going to bed only when you’re drowsy
  • Don’t look at the clock—hide it!
  • Keep your room dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature
  • Take a relaxing bath before bedtime
  • Exercise regularly, but at least five to six hours before bedtime
  • If you wake up during the night and can’t immediately get back to sleep, don’t stay in bed tossing and turning. Try a relaxing activity, like reading or watching TV, until you are drowsy again

6) Water
Tips for Optimizing the use of HGH Washington

Drink plenty of water to flush and clean the body. The best option is to drink 1 ounce of water per pound of your body weight per day. Although you might find this difficult at first, it is optimal especially when you are training and taking supplements.

All bottled water types are sometimes referred to as "spring water" but that's not really accurate. The origin and processing of different types of bottled water actually make them quite different in content and taste. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-the federal agency that regulates all types of bottled water-has established guidelines called standards of identity that classify bottled water into several different water types: No, really, you are. The human body is 50%-75% water, depending on a person's age (children are made of more water while elderly people are made of a bit less). Sure, you've probably heard something like that since grade school, but think about it. It's pretty staggering. And it goes a long way towards explaining why water is so important to us mostly-liquid beings. In general, if we should lose more 3% of our water content, we become dehydrated. If we lose 20% of our water content, we won't just dry up like a piece of Melba ® toast, we'll probably cease to exist

Fortunately, we have water. Water helps regulate and maintain body temperature. Water transports nutrients and oxygen and removes waste products and toxins. It moistens and lubricates your mouth, eyes, nose, hair, skin, joints, and digestive tract. If your body doesn't get enough water you risk dehydration, elevated body temperature, fatigue, decreased mental & physical performance, and heat-related illness.

But how much water is enough?

The old rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 eight-ounce glasses of water spaced evenly throughout each day. However, it's hard to tell where that rule originated. A landmark study by the National Academy of Science in 2004 set recommendations for women's bodies at approximately 91 ounces of total water (from all foods and beverages) and approximately 125 ounces for men daily. That sounds like a lot of water, doesn't it? Well, it's not that much when you consider that about 20% of our water intake comes from food. Of course, it's always good to have some water handy to ensure proper hydration. Let your thirst be your guide. Also remember that physically active people and people that live in warmer climates should drink more water than the average person to stay properly hydrated and operating at peak performance. There is also some evidence to suggest that a moderate increase in water intake can decrease the risks of some cancers, heart disease and other illnesses in certain people. However, be sure to ask your doctor about your own personal/family history and risk factors. Water is indeed good for everybody and everybody.

Spring Water: Ah, the ever-popular "spring water" is defined as bottled water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. To qualify as spring water, it must be collected only at the spring or through a borehole tapping the underground formation feeding the spring. If the collection process uses some type of an external force, the water must be from the same stratum as the spring and must retain the quality and all of the same physical properties of water that flows naturally from a spring to the surface.

Purified Water: This is a type of drinking water that has been treated with processes such as distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis (we'll get to those terms later). Basically, this just means that the bacteria and dissolved solids have been removed from the water by some process, making it "purified." This type of bottled water is usually labeled as purified drinking water but can also be labeled for the specific process used to produce it, for example, reverse osmosis drinking water or distilled drinking water. Many bottled water brands are actually purified drinking water.

Mineral Water: Okay, ready for some science? Mineral water contains not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids and is defined by its constant level and relative proportions of mineral and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source. No minerals can be added to the water.

Sparkling Bottled Water: Yes, the fizzy kind. But what makes it fizzy? This type of water contains the same amount of carbon dioxide that it had when it emerged from its source. Sparkling bottled waters may be labeled as sparkling drinking water, sparkling mineral water, sparkling spring water, etc. Artesian Water/Artesian Well Water: Ready for some more science? Artesian water comes from a well that taps a confined aquifer-a water-bearing underground layer of rock or sand-in, which the water level is above the top of the aquifer.

How long should I take HGH?

Human growth hormone has become very popular among athletes, families with children of short stature, and people who want to improve both their health and physical appearance because of the many benefits the hormone provides. In addition to burning fat, it is also very effective in building bone, rejuvenating skin, and helping with physical problems. Duration of use, dosage, diet, and exercise regimen affect the end results of HGH use. The use of HGH without the supervision of a specialist can be dangerous, as scam products are easy to obtain and the hormone can also be wrongly consumed. In this article we will explain the correct way to use HGH in certain cases:

If the patient is taking HGH for bodybuilding, due to the heavy exercise he/she is used to doing, he/she will have much faster effects than usual, so he/she could expect results from the first 14 days of starting to use HGH. On the other hand, if the patient is a child or adolescent with short stature, it can take even a couple of months to start seeing results. It should be noted that if in this case, the short stature is not due to HGH deficiency, the maximum that can grow is between 2 and 3 inches in total. Finally, adults with HGH deficiency may see results after the second month of treatment, experiencing improved appearance and reduction in symptoms associated with the hormone deficiency.

On how long it is recommended to use the product, depends on several factors, but on average, when used for bodybuilding, the best results are obtained after 3 - 4 months of HGH treatment. In the case of use for growth in children, the use of HGH extends for years until the patient has completed his/her growth stage. Adults with low HGH levels should take 6 months of treatment. After an overall evaluation, the specialist will decide whether to extend or stop treatment. The data presented here is for informational purposes. For a specific answer, we invite you to contact our experts to provide you with all the necessary details before you start using HGH.

How to mix HGH?

When you use HGH for the first time it can be a little overwhelming and difficult, but if you follow the guidelines below for reconstituting HGH, you won't have to worry about carrying the procedure around at home. These instructions can help you through the process. In this article, you will find out how to reconstitute and prepare the injection step by step. Because the use of HGH is one of the essential fields of hormone substitution, be sure to study the directions carefully and follow your healthcare provider's recommendations. Please read our growth hormone tips carefully to get the results you want for your younger, healthier version:

1. First of all, it should be mentioned that the substance is very delicate and can be ruined by heat or sudden movements. To begin, remove the plastic cap from the bottle and clean the gum with a medical alcohol swab. Consider using a syringe of insulin and add 1 ml of water. In this case, water is used as the transfer method, so the HGH doesn't lose power.

2. Once you have 1ml of water from the syringe, pass the needle through the rubber cap of the bottle, but put it on its side to make sure the water slides down the inside wall of the bottle. Don't inject directly into the natural powder with excessive strength, just allow the water to flow out gradually. Most of the powder will melt quickly, but the rest will take time. To accelerate it, turn the bottle gently between your hands. If you do this for a few moments, all the natural powder will dissolve.

3. Before filling the syringe with the liquid HGH, take the bottle and make several turns between your fingers to combine the solution carefully. The HGH containers are under vacuum, which makes it more difficult to withdraw the liquid. Among the ways to use it, some people prefer a new syringe for each injection, others draw all the HGH into one syringe and reuse it until it is finished. That depends on what you consider most practical, but now you know how to apply HGH safely.

We remind you that in order to define the perfect dose for each case, it is advisable to contact our experts so that they can show you how to measure the product. We are interested to know in your comments if you have used the HGH before and what was your experience during the first applications. Call us if you need to Buy HGH Injections

how to mix HGH

Is HGH recommended for middle-aged men?

Human growth hormone has a strong reputation worldwide, helping to solve almost every health problem a middle-aged man faces. HGH has been called a "miracle medicine", the "fountain of youth", etc. There are beliefs that HGH can help you look younger, build more muscle, burn fat, increase your libido, and science says most of these things are actually true. But you have to be careful because that doesn't mean that HGH is suitable for all kinds of men. Let's do a little research to find out everything you need to know about the hormone and help you decide whether you should consider using it or are not an ideal patient.

Taking HGH under professional monitoring by an expert will ensure you to stay healthy psychologically, with a great sense of well-being, it will help to heal depression, engage and manage stress. And physically, it will keep your heart healthy, your cholesterol levels low, inflammation low, and bones solid. It even increases your body's ability to recover faster. Some of the symptoms that appear with HGH deficiency in men are, hair thins and skin sinks. Psychologically, you feel more irritable, less motivated and unwilling to maintain your social life. You may experience a lack of libido or a worse memory. In addition to these symptoms, any problems with heart disease or high cholesterol can also be an additional warning sign for deficiency.

If any of these symptoms seem familiar to you, we remind you that we have a team of experts who will provide you with professional help to start experiencing a change in your life. Would you like to look and feel great again, like when you were in high school? With the responsible use of HGH that can be possible, we promise you! People with HGH deficiency will find impressive benefits in its use, literally ending all their problems and complexities. But if the level of HGH in the body is excessively improved there may be a risk of acromegaly, which is the excessive thickening of the bones of the hands, forehead and jaw. This is why it is necessary to have professional assistance.

We are interested to know in your comments if you have experienced any of the above described. If you want to Buy HGH Injections Call us to 619-819-6169.

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Frequently asked questions about HGH treatments

We've all seen on TV how several celebrities brag about their youth and excellent physical shape, revealing their most precious secret: human growth hormone. When we searched the internet for this product, we found wonderful benefits for those who take it, being virtually free of side effects when used under professional assistance. Best of all, the vast majority of these claims are true and approved by the world's most trusted scientists. But there are still many unanswered questions that people repeat everywhere and it seems that the answers they receive are very vague or contradict each other, because those who answer aren't the best qualified. We will then take the questions that our customers ask us the most so that you will have a better idea about HGH:

1. Is growth hormone something like a steroid? The short answer is no, and we explain to you why. HGH is a natural protein that is composed of amino acids. The purpose of growth hormone treatment is to promote the recovery of deficiencies that the body registers, to ensure the health of the patient. Growth hormone also has beneficial effects on metabolism, bone density and the body composition (i.e. fat distribution and lean muscle mass).

2. What should I do if I decide to stop HGH treatment? It is recommended to contact the expert in charge of your treatment before the end of your HGH treatment. You should be aware that there may be a risk if you simply stop taking HGH at once, so you should take responsibility for the decisions you take. However, if you're managing your treatment under the guidance of a professional, he/she will be sure to give you precise directions to avoid damage your health.

3. What if I miss a dosage? You don't have anything to worry about, as you can compensate it in the following doses, as long as the recommended weekly intake is complied with. Just remember not to take more than 15 IUI a day because it will stress your liver and can make you sick. The best advice is to always carry your HGH with you and put a reminder on your cell phone so you don't miss it.

We want to know your opinion if you are already taking HGH, call us or send us an email. We are here to serve. Injectable HGH for Sale

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